Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy provides an alternative to traditional therapy. It allows the therapeutic bond between client and counselor to take place
in a natural setting which invites the healing effects of nature into our work. Vitamin D from the sun, the balancing and grounding properties of
the earth, and the soothing energy of the sea all contribute to our overall health and wellbeing.

As we work you’ll gain insight by releasing the burdens that challenge you to make room for the therapeutic benefits of nature to restore you
so you can experience a new more peaceful way of life.

I provide walk and talk therapy and light body movement therapy on beautiful Sunset Beach in the southern most part of North Carolina. This
beach offers expansive spaces to walk and talk privately as well as nature trails to explore while harnessing the calming and healing effects
of the ocean. Clients seeking walk and talk therapy will need medical clearance from their physician. Sessions will be held in all seasons,
weather permitting utilizing tele-health sessions in inclement weather.

To learn more contact Donna Martino at [email protected] or 847-567-1337